As of Monday May 10th, 2021 in allowance with new NYS guidelines, we have removed our designated timeframes. While we will still be shutting down everyday from 2:30-3:00pm to sanitize, tickets are for the entire day they are purchased for and guests may arrive at their leisure from 11am-5pm.

COMBO TICKETS for VIA Dino Discovery and VIA Aquarium are now available!

Purchasing a ticket signifies acknowledgement and acceptance of the policies listed below.

COVID Procedures:

All guests over the age of 2 will be required to wear a face covering

Guests not wearing a mask, will not be given entrance.

Guests that need to be reminded to wear their masks can be asked to leave without refund.

New York State defines as face mask as a covering that covers your nose and mouth. This includes items such as face masks, face shields, and homemade cloth masks or bandannas


Guests are expected to accommodate each other by maintaining a social distance of 6’ to other guests. In areas where this is difficult, we ask guests to alternate traffic to stay as distant as possible.


We strongly recommend reserving online to ensure space will be available for your group. 


Members are also strongly encouraged to reserve their exploration time before visiting VIA Aquarium. Members can reserve your time online through our ticketing system. Entering your Membership number will give you access to free tickets.


We are also required to limit possible exposure to COVID-19 by closing our interactive exhibits or exhibits/programs that would eliminate social distancing. This includes exhibits like the Scavenger Hunt Stations, Spin Browser, Pop Up Tank, Horseshoe Crab Touch Tank, Sand Box, Water Table, and hands on animal programs.

Guests may still observe the animals in the Horseshoe Crab Touch Tank; we just won’t have the hands on interactivity. We plan to have spaces at the Koi Pond and Stingray Bay to allow for interaction with the animals.


Guests are asked to walk the aquarium in the normal direction without backtracking. If you have time and would like to walk through a second time, you will need to re-enter through Admissions and not make a U-Turn in the Gift Shop. 

Terms, Conditions & Important Information:

Admissions close 1 hour before Exhibits close.

Please note that your ticket is good for the date and time block it was purchased for and is nonrefundable.  If you are unable to visit on that day, we will try to accommodate your visit within 7 days of expiration.  This accommodation will be subject to attendance and capacity.

Select your date and time of admission below, then choose your admission package.

Children 3 & Under are free!

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Stingray Bay Stingray Feeding Ticket -- Learn about our rays and then experience the thrill of hand feeding them!